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SolarFarm Monitoring and Analytics

Operational Excellence through Operations Intelligence !​

The BCT Intelligence Suite of IOT solutions for Solar Farms is focused on enabling operational excellence and continuous improvement of operational processes in alignment with corporate objectives. More than just data access, BCT Intelligence suite integrates with workflow and decision making processes and seamlessly ties real-time systems and business systems.

Convert SOLARFARM DATA into decision enabling KNOWLEDGE !

In today’s environment of intense competition, low margins, and strict guidelines for the operation of solar plants, monitoring and managing plant performance at all levels is critical to the safe and profitable operation of your solar farm facilities. BCT' IOT solar farm monitoring solution that satisfies the decision enabling needs of both the core O&M (operations and maintenance groups) as well as other internal and external stakeholders of such solar energy harvesting plants such as Management executives, Investors, Banks, Insurance companies and external customers.

Not having a comprehensive performance monitoring policy or following industry best practices will eventually lead to less than optimum energy harvests impacting the bottom line metrics which is of paramount importance to the various stakeholders of such a project.

A second important consideration is making possible the availability of all relevant archived data for submissions & reporting to all regulatory and statutory bodies associated to the Solar plant under consideration.

From an O&M point of view, the chief target is to induce exemplary efficiency levels in quick isolation and location of fault or less than optimum performance with a clear indication of the asset which needs maintenance or issue addressing. In a resource constrained environment, this aims to drastically cut the effort & time involved in seeking information or isolation of the problem to be addressed. Automatic triggers & alerts complemented with custom algorithm and logic calculations enable embedding of watchdog conditions that can flag early warning symptoms which may be exploited for a rich betterment of plant performance.


  • Securely access all your solar farm data, regardless of location or format

  • Seamlessly deliver information anywhere, anytime

  • Create & monitor enterprise KPIs for decision support

  • Enforce consistent operational and business processes

Get the Information You Need, When and Where You Need It !

It is BCT’ intent to help you achieve yet another step level change in performance in your energy management program as a result of implementing Solar Farm Monitoring Solution from its varied suite of IOT solutions.

Simply put, BCT’ Solar Farm IOT solution reduces your total cost of IT ownership and lets employees focus on doing their jobs instead of on trying to find, verify, and organize data.

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