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About Us

BCT Technology is a premier solutions provider providing Best in the Class Technology software solutions and engineering services to the electronics companies in the South-east Asia and Indo-China region. We are dedicated to developing world class solutions for our customer to establish their competitive advantage in the fast moving sectors for Design, Test, CAM, Manufacturing and Automation industries. We help our customers to tackle their product challenges by providing a new generation of software solutions with more features and capabilities and in the space of Industry Internet of Things. We are committed in providing top notch technical support and solution delivery to our customers to ensure customers’ success.

We are the ASEAN Distributor (Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia) of DownStream Technologies Products - DFMStream Analysis, Blueprint  Documentation, CAM350 to Verify and Optimize PCB Designs Before Manufacturing.

Downstreamtech CAM350, BluePrint-PCB, DFMStream software

DownStream Technologies

DownStream Technologies solutions help with the inspection, preparation, and manufacturing of PCB designs, increase speed and accuracy of downstream processes, and ensure optimal fabrication flow. 


Applied Simulation Technology (Apsim)

Applied Simulation Technology (Apsim) develops Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMI/EMC analysis software for IC, Package and PCB design considering Imperfect / Non-Ideal Power / Ground.

Trevis Tech

BCT Technology provide design and engineering services to Trevis Technology in the field of Internet of Things, Industry Internet of Things and Smart Cities Solutions. We provide the following services:

  • Sensor Network Design Architecture

  • Communication and planning

  • Development

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