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CAM350® Overview

CAM350® is the industry de facto standard for verification, optimization and output generation to efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication.

CAM350® is the industry de facto standard for verification, optimization and output generation to efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication.

Today’s complex PCB designs require comprehensive verification before they are transferred to the PCB fabricator to ensure a successful and timely manufacture of bare boards. Problems arising during PCB fabrication can drastically impact product schedules, result in costly design re-spins, and require modifications to the design that might compromise the design’s integrity and intent. Inspecting, preparing and validating the PCB design prior to release to manufacturing will result in a significant increase in efficiency, less risk of design re-spin, and, most importantly, successful electronic products, built faster, at less cost.

CAM350 offers a complete suite of tools, from design through fabrication, streamlining the transition of engineering data into successful, physical PCBs.

With the ability to effectively manage each operation while increasing productivity, reducing turn-around time, and ensuring top quality board output, CAM350 is the only solution you need. You can achieve new levels of speed, accuracy, and excellence, the first time around, when it counts the most.

Gerber Data Viewing/Editing

Data Optimization

Netlist/Layer Comparison

PCB Fabrication Panel

Gerber/Drill/Mill Generation

Stencil and Mask Generation

Bare Board Test

Automating the Documentation Process

BluePrint-PCB "knows" it is creating a PCB document and imports the entire PCB CAD database once to automatically create and link unlimited PCB views and details, while at the same time maintaining the design intelligence and overcoming the constraints imposed by both PCB and mechanical CAD alternatives. The result is an electronic document which better articulates the instructions for successful PCB manufacturing.


  • Automatically create PCB views, details, and tables from PCB CAD data

  • Remove constraints of PCB CAD but retain design intelligence

  • Use PCB intelligence to create common drawing elements

  • Create live and interactive documentation with hyperlinks and multi-media

  • Store all information associated with the PCB assembly in one electronic "release package"

  • Support instantaneous engineering changes (ECOs)

  • Allow viewing of documents without the application - web, PDF, or viewer

Importance of Complete Documentation

PCB documentation creates the manufacturing specification for an electronic product. Comprehensive
documentation records the engineering "intent" of a design specifying the form, fit and function of the PCB.

Documentation drives the procurement process, aids manufacturing engineering and is used in final inspection to verify the product was built to engineering's specification. It also gets archived to ensure later production runs can be repeated with the same level of consistent quality.


PCB documentation must capture all of the information necessary to not only build the product today, but also any repeat builds in the future - eliminating any guesswork.

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